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Green Party candidate killed by SUV

The irony is as inescapable as the tragedy.

Natasha Pettigrew, Maryland’s Green Party candidate for the U.S. Senate seat occupied by Barbara Mikulski, has died from injuries sustained after being hit from behind by a Cadillac Escalade, while training on her bicycle for a triathlon. After the collision around 5:30 AM, the purported driver continued 3 or 4 miles to her home, where she claims she noticed the bicycle under the car, and called the police. She told police she thought she had hit a deer or dog.

Police initially reported that Pettigrew was not wearing reflective clothing, but other reports say that reflective plastic parts and reflective shoes belonging to the victim were found at the scene. Most bikes are sold with plastic reflectors front, rear and on each wheel. It was very dark at 5:30 this morning. I left at 6:45 AM and lit the battery-powered red beacon on my backpack.

Update: Video at WashCycle showing the bike lodged under the SUV, and interviewing Natasha’s Mom before she died.

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