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The President’s Call for the Day

Less than two years after taking office, with many criticizing the efforts undertaken to recover from the economic condition of the nation as it was when he took the oath of office, the President said:

I am happy to report that after years of uncertainty, culminating in the collapse of the spring of 1933, we are bringing order out of the old chaos with a greater certainty of the employment of labor at a reasonable wage and of more business at a fair profit. These governmental and industrial developments hold promise of new achievements for the nation.

Men may differ as to the particular form of governmental activity with respect to industry and business, but nearly all are agreed that private enterprise in times such as these cannot be left without assistance and without reasonable safeguards lest it destroy not only itself but also our processes of civilization….

To those who say that our expenditures for Public Works and other means for recovery are a waste that we cannot afford, I answer that no country, however rich, can afford the waste of its human resources. Demoralization caused by vast unemployment is our greatest extravagance. Morally, it is the greatest menace to our social order. Some people try to tell me that we must make up our minds that for the future we shall permanently have millions of unemployed just as other countries have had them for over a decade. What may be necessary for those countries is not my responsibility to determine. But as for this country, I stand or fall by my refusal to accept as a necessary condition of our future a permanent army of unemployed….

Those, fortunately few in number, who are frightened by boldness and cowed by the necessity for making decisions, complain that all we have done is unnecessary and subject to great risks. Now that these people are coming out of their storm cellars, they forget that there ever was a storm…


We Are Now At Once Upon a Paradigm

We are now shifting our blogging and comments over to Once Upon a Paradigm. http://onceuponaparadigm.wordpress.com/ If you have any questions, you can email me at blau.polar@gmail.com

The blogs and comments from this site have been transferred over to the new site.  Peace.

New Site/New Name – An Update

Okay I was putting togther the new site and when I added the users I guess it sent out an invite to everyone.  At least it did to TheraP who posted a blog.  And here I thought I was doing it all stealthy.  I can bring over blogs and comments that are added here from this point on, so for simplicity sake we can keep blogging and commenting here and then I will do the switch late tonight when everyone is asleep.   I was hoping to make a flash cut late this evening.  Oh well, the best laid plans or something like that. 

If you did get the email then you know that we’ll be going with Once Upon A Paradigm.

Do ‘We’ Deserve To Be Ruled By Republicans & Crazies Just Because The Democrats Have Been Inept?

As I put info out there asking people to like and share our page:


to try to cultivate some enthusiasm and motivate people to take some action for the upcoming midterm elections, I have received a lot of response, much of gratitude, support, encouragement and some from people disappointed with the democratic leadership that say their pocketbooks are closed, they won’t do anything to support them, and they are unlikely to vote.

Here is what I tell them in response:

The democrats have been disgustingly inept in handling this majority. I would particulary like to see a new majority leader in the senate to replace Harry Reid should the dems retain control.

However this election is NOT about the dems or the republicans, it IS about US and the future of our country, OUR future.

And as inept as the dems in congress may be, I feel certain our country will be MUCH worse off in republican control. It is for THAT reason that I am fighting to motivate people to get out the vote and help the dems retain control in the house and senate.

I am doing this for ‘us’ not ‘them’.

As of this writing we have had 653 people like our page. Many have donated and expressed their appreciation for the message of encouragement and delight in the notion that we ‘could’ defeat John Boehner among others.

My intention in focusing on defeating Boehner was not only to better our government but also because I believe it would be a great boost to morale for liberals and independents in our country. (You can read more about why we ‘could’ beat John Boehner this election on our page linked above and below).

If the republicans & crazies gain control it is because we are lazy and apathetic about our own future, it is certainly NOT because they deserve it, because in fact, they may take our weakened nation and completely destroy it. Pundits all insist that it would be low voter turnout for democratic candidates that would cause them to lose. In other words the republicans would win because of a voting minority and a non-voting majority.

The main way I have been reaching people is by writing blogs like this or by posting the following after my comments on various publications online:

Fight the Crazy!

Please ‘like’ and help us get the word out on this facebook page to defeat John Boehner and Hold the House!


Spread some enthusiasm! Pass it On. Thanks


Please act in your own best interest and vote and help us do whatever we can to help the democrats retain the majority in congress. If nothing else please like the page and share it with friends. A LOT of people doing a little can make a BIG difference. Thanks!

what’s in a name – poll deux

Here is the next poll.  Some of the suggested offerings for names are included, but you are also able to enter your own suggestion.   Also you have three votes.  So you can vote for your own offering in the other and for one or two of the offered ones.  You only get one shot at voting so if you only use two of your three votes, then that’s it.  You can’t go back later and use the third vote.  Also, write-in offerings will not show up on the results page, but I can see them on the back end, so as I can I will post those in the comment section.    Again, I don’t know how people vote so I don’t see any name associated with write-in offerings.  One last thing.  The last option is not tied to the write-in field.  So you can say none of the above and not write in something in the “other” field.

The point here is to get a sense of where people want to go with the name, not to make an ultimate decision.  If one option, however, is overwhelmingly we might have a kind of final decision.  So have at it.

A Cooperative Idea

Thinking about the Democrats currently in congress, I am reminded of an episode of Start Trek: The Next Generation entitled Tapestry.


what’s in a name? some thoughts

Some personal thoughts on a raft called paradigm


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