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Thank You Acamus

This is very nice without a lot of clutter or distraction. There is something to be said for not having all the stuff I thought I needed or wanted.

Thank you so much.


TPM Reader Blogs dead forever?

With Al Shaw over at the Cafe giving directions now for how to transfer your blog there to elsewhere, it makes me think either they are certain they’ll drop the archive of past TPM reader blogs – or else it’s the total end of TPM reader blogs.  Because this has never been offered before.

Obviously this is speculation on my part.  Unless someone else has better information.  But it’s another sad chapter.  Kind of them to provide this last chance to people to save and transfer blogs.  But ominous nonetheless.

The People’s Blog

Well, through all the upheaval at TPM Cafe it does seem that there is a need for those who blogged at the Cafe’s reader blogs to find a place to hang out.  At least until they get a new system in place for reader blogs.  In the meantime, maybe people who have never been to the Cafe will find out about some of the wonderful souls that made up that community and come back with us when (and if) the Reader blogs are brought back.

If you are interested in being a blogger here, send me an email at blau.polar@gmail.com.

Like the Reader Blogs at the Cafe, any blog that is related to what one might encounter in a cafe that is filled with bunch of caffeinated* progressive political junkies, with a few conservatives and libertarians wandering in, is acceptable.  That includes poetry open mic and the fellow in the corner who just talks to himself.

And for those who don’t know already, I am known as acamus over at TPM Cafe.


*all are welcomed regardless of their beverage preference.

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