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Making a Mockery of Democracy – One Bullet at a Time

Following in the proven footsteps of Wall Street the Pentagon and the defense establishment are ripping off taxpayers in similarly creative ways with similar results.

I’m not exactly sure just when it was we abandoned our here-to-fore held notions of right and wrong and our social adherence to ethical conduct. Suffice it to say they’ve thoroughly vanished from our national lexicon of propriety. I’m even less certain what to call what has replaced those. That is, I know what I feel, but in spite of the richness of our language words fail in phrasing this with any exactitude. Much has been written about this by writers with far greater skill than myself but the desired awakening of the American people has yet to materialize.

With that off my chest take a look at this little quiz and please be honest with your score. This is an exceedingly hard quiz, after all.


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