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Uh-Oh, don’t look now. There’s some more indoctrinating a-coming!

Uh-Oh, don’t look now. There’s some more indoctrinating a-coming!

Lost in all of the hatertainment of the last few days was the announcement yesterday that President Barack Jomo Kenyatta Obama was planning another back-to-school sermon to brainwash our little patriots-in-training.

One would think that with all of the evils he’s perpetuated on America, this would be a bigger story.  But I guess the protectors of liberty are just worn out after a particularly jingoistic couple of weeks.  That, and the NFL season has finally begun. Alas, I feel it’s incumbent on me to remind everyone of the dangers of allowing the President of the United States of America near our children.

Many of you may have forgotten some of the horrible things he said in last year’s address, so I thought I’d dig up and recycle an old entry to freshen people’s memories.

For those of you who do not prefer their news pre-masticated, here is the Marxist’s missive in its entirety.  But I warn anyone with the proclivity toward tea-bags and tri—corner hats to beware; reading the words unfiltered can cause subliminal programming that is antithetical to liberty and freedom.  Please exercise great caution.


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