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Christine O’Donnell: You Have Made a Personal Enemy Out of Me

As a staunch advocate for the community afflicted with HIV, I took personal offense at Christine O’Donnell’s remark that we should not call HIV patients “victims”, excuse me? For one lady, you have no idea what it means to care about people, not judge them, and effectively prevent disease let alone promote health. I just love this pretend Christian righteous indignation and “ideas” about how to treat/prevent terrible diseases such as HIV using their religion when we have scientific proof at what does work. Anyone who thinks people will ascribe to celibacy is moronic, at best. We are beings that are programmed to procreate, we will mate even if that means we do not intend a pregnancy or that it is with someone who we can get pregnant. The thing about consciousness is our sexuality has morphed into something beyond just mating but we really cannot resist that urge that evolution has ingrained in us. You cannot go against biology, we have seen what celibacy does to the human psyche just look at the Catholic church, sorry but that is my interpretation. No one is “at fault” for contracting HIV, it is a terrible, horrible disease that destroys lives, communities, and frankly nations. The fault lies in the fact that prevention efforts have been thwarted by social Conservatives who believe their view on sexuality should trump others, even when it flies in the face of proven scientific facts. We know that comprehensive sex education makes a big difference in not only transmission of sexually transmitted infections but unintended pregnancies. Vancouver was known for its HIV epidemic due to IV drug use, they now have clinics that do needle exchanges and allows a safe place to use their own drugs, offering rehab when they are ready. I challenge Christine O’Donnell to meet the sex workers who have no choice but to use their bodies to feed themselves, the IV drug users who desperately want to stop but cannot, and the children who had no choice but to nurse from their mother’s breast therefore exposing them to the virus. Christine O’Donnell you make me sick!

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