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Looks Like the DNC Took My Advice

Today while watching MSNBC I saw a story that featured the use of Bieber Fever to get out the vote. I was a little surprised and highly amused since its been about a week since I posted a blog at TPM, when reader posts were allowed anyway, that called for a Justin Bieber for the Democrats. Well they decided to use the Bieber to get the young vote out. Not sure if it would be effective unless he actually makes an ad saying “Hey guys, go vote.” We shall see but with 18 somethings voting you do wonder what side they’d vote for considering many of their parents are Republican. We would have to hope, even though he couldn’t vote here if he was 18, that his support for the Dems could cull votes. Not sure how you can gauge it but it would be an interesting experiment in the power of pop culture.

“Be the change you wish to see in the world.” – M. Gandhi

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