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Monday morning quickie

Don Draper may have decided against a quickie last night, astounding the Mad Men voyeurs, but here is a little post for a Monday morning.  It is based on this and a similar entry on the New Republic site which I cannot access in full and don’t care to given its editor’s comments of the past week.

But keep this in mind:  the “Franklin Roosevelt” who we correctly honor was dragged into the New Deal by his “brain trust” and wise heads in Congress (Glass and Steagall for instance).  As Krugman has pointed out, he had this budget balancing thing still in him until after 1938, when he made a big mess trying to do just that.

A presidency is full of fits and starts.  The current one said they would make mistakes on their way to getting it right.  That he has done so hardly justifies the hand wringing we are seeing.

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