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Okay I was putting togther the new site and when I added the users I guess it sent out an invite to everyone.  At least it did to TheraP who posted a blog.  And here I thought I was doing it all stealthy.  I can bring over blogs and comments that are added here from this point on, so for simplicity sake we can keep blogging and commenting here and then I will do the switch late tonight when everyone is asleep.   I was hoping to make a flash cut late this evening.  Oh well, the best laid plans or something like that. 

If you did get the email then you know that we’ll be going with Once Upon A Paradigm.


Comments on: "New Site/New Name – An Update" (10)

  1. Pay no attention to the web site behind the curtain.

    These ruby slippers look cool but pinch tighter than my grandmother stopping me from humming inagoddavida during the sermon on that Palm Sunday my brother got stung by yellow jackets.

  2. I guess the joke’s on me. 😉

  3. ~flowerchild~ said:

    I have a blog ready to go but it can wait until tomorrow to post. One less to transfer.


  4. Any specific reason for the change?

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