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Here is the next poll.  Some of the suggested offerings for names are included, but you are also able to enter your own suggestion.   Also you have three votes.  So you can vote for your own offering in the other and for one or two of the offered ones.  You only get one shot at voting so if you only use two of your three votes, then that’s it.  You can’t go back later and use the third vote.  Also, write-in offerings will not show up on the results page, but I can see them on the back end, so as I can I will post those in the comment section.    Again, I don’t know how people vote so I don’t see any name associated with write-in offerings.  One last thing.  The last option is not tied to the write-in field.  So you can say none of the above and not write in something in the “other” field.

The point here is to get a sense of where people want to go with the name, not to make an ultimate decision.  If one option, however, is overwhelmingly we might have a kind of final decision.  So have at it.

Comments on: "what’s in a name – poll deux" (1)

  1. Darn, I screwed up and only voted for one. I would like to add a vote for Once Upon a Paradigm but it is too late. 😦

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