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As I put info out there asking people to like and share our page:


to try to cultivate some enthusiasm and motivate people to take some action for the upcoming midterm elections, I have received a lot of response, much of gratitude, support, encouragement and some from people disappointed with the democratic leadership that say their pocketbooks are closed, they won’t do anything to support them, and they are unlikely to vote.

Here is what I tell them in response:

The democrats have been disgustingly inept in handling this majority. I would particulary like to see a new majority leader in the senate to replace Harry Reid should the dems retain control.

However this election is NOT about the dems or the republicans, it IS about US and the future of our country, OUR future.

And as inept as the dems in congress may be, I feel certain our country will be MUCH worse off in republican control. It is for THAT reason that I am fighting to motivate people to get out the vote and help the dems retain control in the house and senate.

I am doing this for ‘us’ not ‘them’.

As of this writing we have had 653 people like our page. Many have donated and expressed their appreciation for the message of encouragement and delight in the notion that we ‘could’ defeat John Boehner among others.

My intention in focusing on defeating Boehner was not only to better our government but also because I believe it would be a great boost to morale for liberals and independents in our country. (You can read more about why we ‘could’ beat John Boehner this election on our page linked above and below).

If the republicans & crazies gain control it is because we are lazy and apathetic about our own future, it is certainly NOT because they deserve it, because in fact, they may take our weakened nation and completely destroy it. Pundits all insist that it would be low voter turnout for democratic candidates that would cause them to lose. In other words the republicans would win because of a voting minority and a non-voting majority.

The main way I have been reaching people is by writing blogs like this or by posting the following after my comments on various publications online:

Fight the Crazy!

Please ‘like’ and help us get the word out on this facebook page to defeat John Boehner and Hold the House!


Spread some enthusiasm! Pass it On. Thanks


Please act in your own best interest and vote and help us do whatever we can to help the democrats retain the majority in congress. If nothing else please like the page and share it with friends. A LOT of people doing a little can make a BIG difference. Thanks!


Comments on: "Do ‘We’ Deserve To Be Ruled By Republicans & Crazies Just Because The Democrats Have Been Inept?" (4)

  1. By the way, if anyone has ideas about websites Synch can comment at with the link to the Facebook page, please share them here. Unfortunately, HuffPo and TPM kicked her out as though she was spamming them, and it would be great if we can find more sites to post it at instead.


  2. I would like to agree that democrats have been disgustingly inept with managing the congressional majority they hold. My heart wants to believe that.

    There is another alternative though and I truly don’t know which of the two possibilities is our reality. When I compare what the democratic majority has delivered for us and what a republican majority would likely deliver to the country I am puzzled by the contrast in achievement.

    The ugly influence of political finance makes this a very murky picture. In spite of the political rhetoric on the democratic side, how this all shakes out is as much a question mark than not. The general state of affairs leaves me with a discomforting uncertainty with no ready answer to supplant this question mark of the genuineness of the democratic majority.

    I would dearly love to feel differently about this but my logical side keeps bumping up against the altogether inadequate compromises that have been made which arguably have fallen well short of enacting the truly effective fixes required for reversing past mistakes. We have not one, but a whole herd of elephants in the middle of the room that remain largely unrecognized except by a tiny number of members of congress. As long as congress remains that way, in the overall, we are in deep trouble. We have two major parties but only one country. They have to settle which it’ll be. Truth or lies. Equality or inequality. Unity or division. Success or failure. These are not hard choices.

  3. Thanks for your work to defeat Boehner and retain the House. It would indeed be very good if that happens.

    It might also be worth saving some time and energy for the races for state legislatures this year. As everyone I’m sure already knows, but I find little being said about, this election cycle, occurring once every decade, is the one that sets the stage for realignment of the congressional districts. Who wins the state legislature, and to some extent governor, makes a big difference in how the boundaries are drawn. In my view the current problems of polarization at the national level are largely due to so many “safe” districts and relatively few competitive ones. For the long term, winning at the state level and redrawing more Democratic favored boundaries, or at the very least more toss-up districts, is a high priority. It would have a huge impact in future elections.

    2002 was not a great year for Democrats in many states, thus for the following decade it has been tough for Dems to win in several districts. Witness the many Blue Dogs as the closest we can get to a win in those districts.

    Imagine how the House would change over time if every ten years the “realignment” election was won by Democrats, even if just in the purple states!

    • Excellent point, intp. I know Nate Silver at FiveThirtyEight and Articleman at DagBlog have both been watching close races and have a lot of good information for those of us that are in certain districts that are important, so I urge everyone to visit both sites and find out more about their specific district. I know for sure that I’ll be damned before I let that crazy Tea Partier Paladino win the Governor’s seat here in NY.

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