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what’s in a name?

Well, as things have unfolded since this site has come into being, I have the desire to change the name.  The reason is I don’t really want TPM to be a part of the blog’s name going forward.  TPM is part of the history of this site and won’t be forgotten.  But for the most part I think those from the site who will be joining have joined.  And I want those out there in wordpress land who don’t know what TPM is to feel like they can join in the conversation and even join the blogging group.

Of course, if I change the name, I will have to move the site to a new URL address.  Which is no big deal other than people having to change a bookmark if they had created one to this address.

One of the purposes of this site is to be a gathering place for people to share thoughts, poems, life stories, and opinions about what is going on in this crazy country and world we call home. 

So I don’t want to just change the name without imput from everyone.   I have created a poll to let everyone have their say (along with the comments below).   There are three options.  1- Don’t Change the Name.  This is pretty self-explanatory and if people really like it, I can live with that.  2- Change the Name- I don’t care what it is.  This is basically you saying to me that I can just change to whatever tickles my fancy at the moment.   3 – Change the Name – It should be a group process.  If this is the winner, I will set up a process for people to put in their suggestions (which one can offer in the comments below by the way) and then some way to get a group “consensus” on the final name.  (I would add that I cannot see who voted what.)


Comments on: "what’s in a name?" (13)

  1. Well, being my usual gregarious self, I’ll be the first to comment. I’ll even admit that I voted “group consensus”. The reason being, I think a few of us here liked the “Once Upon” part of the name and I am hoping those who did will chime in. I could see it becoming Once Upon a Trope, for instance… 😉

    But then again, I’m all for changing the name to anything that comes to your mind, AT. I trust your judgment.

  2. Well, I support changing the name. I won’t say I don’t care ‘at all’ what it becomes but a ‘group’ process could be a simple as: this is the name I intend to change it to unless there is some meaningful objection…

    I guess I will vote, I do care but I trust you to choose a good name. Thanks:)

  3. ~flowerchild~ said:

    I, too, like the “Once Upon A ….” beginning, but at this point with this place feeling like home now for many of us, I contend that a new name should have input from the group.

    Actually, I was wondering if a name change might be in the offing on account of the TPM trademark. I remember a comment JMM dropped somewhere about asking groups not to use the logo or name because of trademark restrictions and I’d been wondering if perhaps his legal team had notified the admins of any of the refugee sites that included TPM in their title.

    Anyhoooo. That’s my two pennies worth of opinion. My commenting has been sparse (yay, maybe 🙂 )because I’ve been so dang bizzy. I try to get a read in now and then, though. Lots ‘n lots of good blogs here!

    • I think Josh specified that he didn’t want the logo used. To my knowledge neither Trope nor amike have been asked to change their site names.

      That being said, I think it’s time for a change anyway. So I’m glad Another Trope has put this out there.

    • another trope said:

      well so far no word from the lawyers from TPM. I do remember Josh’s comment on a reader blog and I going to ask him if I was stepping over the line, then thought better not draw attention his attention to it. I think the issue for them is whether a viewer might be confused and think the site is a offically sanctioned TPM site, and thus reflects the opinion of TPM. Something they would be hard pressed to prove with this site.

      In the interest of transparency: And while this thought has been rattling around my head for a week now, it was art appraiser’s blog over at Dagblog and what they did to Sync that made me not really wanting to be so closely associated with TPM anymore.

      • Yikes! I guess I’m out of the loop, and you know how much I hate that! What did they do to synch and what did AA say, or do I have to launch an investigation????

        And this answered my question about the why…what I was really wondering was if Josh had said something…should have just asked the question outright.

        I voted I don’t care…sounds a little crass, i suppose, but it’s your site and you’ve graciously set it up for all of us. I appreciate it very much and just think the name change should be your decision, although I do like that you asked us! Thank you.

        • I was out of the loop, Stilli, till I somehow ran across that Dagblog link, read the whole thing, and concluded that the name change here was related to AA (and Synch, I guess too) being banned from commenting at TPM. That has totally THROWN me for the evening! Thus I am up in the middle of the night!

          • Yeah, Thera, I couldn’t wait for an answer, so I went snooping and found it. What a goat rope. I don’t know what Josh is doing, but whatever it is, isn’t good.

            I’ve got the kids tomorrow and it is way past my bedtime, but I’m irked, too, and there isn’t much point in trying to sleep until I calm down…

  4. I voted for group process because it sounds kind of fun but mainly voted for a change of name for the following reason:

    TPM left us. We didn’t leave tpm. They are the refugees. We actually sort of have some sense of location.

    • Agreed. So now that we are here, I think it important that we have a name that fits us. US. And attracts whomever will join us next.

      I would very much like to see people from WordPress and other places join us.

  5. Okay we were just chatting about paradigm…

    Once Upon A Paradigm?

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