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By failing to address the expiration of the Bush tax cuts, the Democratic Party is all but ensuring the extension of tax cuts to the wealthiest 2% of the nation, and at least an additional 3.7 trillion dollars of budget shortfall for the foreseeable future.

If this is true – and it appears to be – then this will go down as one of the stupidest moves by the spineless weasels on the Hill – and that’s saying a lot for this crop of morons.   This was a win-win for the party – offer a needed tax break to 98% of the population, and force the Republicans to defend giving a break to the most privileged class in the nation.

It’s sickening, frustrating, depressing, and makes it nearly impossible to staunchly support the party.

Why?  Why would they make such an idiotic decision?

Does the leadership of the party think that after the election they will be in a stronger position to stop $700 billion dollars from flowing back into the hands of the wealthy?

Every single day it looks more and more like the government is simply an arm of the wealthy, working at their behest to protect their interests only.  As long as Republicans and Democrats alike are beholden to wealthy donors, there will no representation for the other 98% of the nation.

Citizen’s United was quite possibly the final nail in the coffin.  If there is no major campaign finance reform, we’re finished.

I’m positively sick over it.


Comments on: "Republicans pledge to hasten the consolidation of wealth. Democrats pledge to help them." (7)

  1. annabatesbell said:

    Like you, MSNY, I too am sickened by the sycophantic decisions of our Washington representatives.

    How can they not understand that, in this, they have gone too far — which is to say, they have refused to go far enough?

    There will be hell to pay for this example of cowardice or craven toadyism on their part. We won’t forget it on Election Day, and we certainly won’t forget when, in December, instead of taxing the 1-2% who hold all the wealth, they come after Social Security — which is ALL many people have to live on, and that at sub-poverty levels.

    What creates this disconnect that is so evident, over and over again? Of course it has to do with campaign contributions, past present and future. But it’s more than that.

    Is there something about Washington, which is not a state, but a virtual city-state (much like the Vatican) that convinces its denizens that it is separate and apart and safe from all considerations that might negatively affect the rest of the country? Is there something about elected government service, with its promise of excellent LIFETIME health benefits, among other perks, that deadens the sensibilities to the plight of others?

    These are not rhetorical questions. Enquiring minds, with weeks to go before the mid-terms, really, really want to know.

  2. Republicans represent, among others, the neuvo riche. those that David Seaton on Dagblog refers to as the 200 grand and above crowd. That do not feel they are rich. Probably because they are in hock up to their eyeballs trying to emulate the life styles of those they envy. The ones who really ARE rich. By owning houses and cars that are far to expensive for their pocket books. With a half a dozen nearly maxed out credit cards in their wallets.

    No wonder they resent having to shell out any money.

    • annabatesbell said:

      C: I agree with your comment and applaud the various blogs you have written in the past few weeks.
      As an aside, I want you to know that I did not understand that it was you who was replying to me on another venue. I apologize, sincerely, for my rudeness to you there. A cetain lack of finesse, eh?

    • Great description. The real rich like the 200 grand suckers to be ‘aspirational’. These people will never actually be part of the 1%ers, but they can dream about it.

      And the real rich are giddy, letting them blow their wad chasing the rabbit around the track. It’s the aspirational set that are getting whacked by this recession while the super rich get richer. I’m sure you guys have seen the Forbes article today that showed 315 of the Forbes 400 richest in America either maintained or increased their wealth during the last year. And now with the spineless Dems support, the ubër wealthy are poised to make even more dough. YAAY!

  3. Every single day it looks more and more like the government is simply an arm of the wealthy, working at their behest to protect their interests only.

    That’s a great line, MSNY, and – sadly – all too true, it seems.

  4. Power corrupts;Absolute power corrupts absolutely- quotation by John Emerich Edward Dalberg Acton

    Rebuplicans appear to be reaching for absolute power.

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