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Some very interesting internet sleuthing going on out there in bloggerland in relationship to the DADT issue.

From: Joe. My. God. at blogspot.com . . .

Tuesday, September 21, 2010

“All Faggots Must Die”

The above comment was left today by “Jimmy” on my post about the DADT cloture vote. The IP address *appears* to resolve to the neighborhood of GOP U.S. Sen. Saxby Chambliss’ Atlanta office. The ISP is “United States Senate.” I’m confident that the JMG internet sleuths can get to the source.

Here’s the IP: Get busy, geeks!

UPDATE: According to a friend of JMG reader Sean Chapin, the comment appears to have actually come from the Atlanta office of Sen. Johnny Isakson, the OTHER Republican Senator in Georgia, whose offices are not far from Sen. Chambliss’. Dennis writes:

To view the rest of this post you can either go to the mirror of the entire post at  TPM Café Castaways @ Yuku or go directly to Joe. My. God. at blogspot.com . . .

I’ll be keeping an eye peeled on the further developments of this one.


Comments on: "Sheesh … “All Faggots Must Die” ???" (5)

  1. Amazing.

    Not surprising, just amazing that the proof might be revealed. Of course Chambliss people talk like this.

  2. I figured out that a political hack was copy and pasting a negative comments and miss information on blogs and news reports against a candidate I was following in my state. I googled the moniker of this person and dug through pages of stuff and then and old republican commercial from a couple of elections ago in this state gave away who it was. This was before Digg did the blog on the far right attacks on progressive blogs. They are out there being jerks.

    Thanks Ducky…very interesting.

  3. Additional info . . .

    From: Jim Galloway – Political Insider at the AtlantaJournal

    “Saxby Chambliss says gay slur originated with his office”

    Article mirrored at:



    • Thank you, Ducky, for this update. I’m glad you’re staying on top of it.

      It will be interesting, in the days ahead, to see how Chambliss and his office handle this.

  4. […] I had posted as an update in my previous thread here at Once Upon a TPM: From: Jim Galloway – Political Insider at the […]

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