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Forward into the Past !

I am sure there are a few people here, well at least one or two,  that remember all those predictions that were made in the 1950s and 1960s about how our lives would be improved by technology, computers and automation. How all this new and advanced technology would free us from the drudgery of everyday life, make our jobs less tedious and give us more free time to pursue more intellectual endeavors such as science and philosophy and arts.  They would appear in various magazines such as Popular Science,  Scientific American and even Readers Digest.

I remember watching programs and TV that showed how this might happen. Disney I think was one. All futuristic and Utopian.  And wrong of course.

Oh sure we got the advances and in spades I would say but the other stuff…not so much.

We advanced technology wise but our attitudes and beliefs have not really advanced so much.
We came from the middle ages with serfdoms and feudal kingdoms and class structure.  We got rid of the kingdoms and kings and queens for the most part but still hang on to the serfdoms. Society it seems is simply not ready for Utopia or the future predictions that have been made. Not only are our current feudal aristocrats unwilling to let go of this system, but more than a few serfs as well.

We may call it different names but we are still clinging to our feudal past with a death’s grip.


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