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I see you got your brand new leopard skin pillbox hat

Yes I see you got your brand new leopard skin pill box hat

Now can you PLEASE tell me baby

How your head feels under something like that

Your brand new leopard skin pillbox hat

I http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=4Fq-8UTvzmM


In an interview today with “Fox News Sunday,” Alaska GOP Senate nominee Joe Miller had trouble explaining how he would help the 43.6 million Americans in poverty, even as host Chris Wallace repeatedly pressed him for more than conservative talking points.

Wallace asked Miller about his assertion in August on CBS’s “Face the Nation” that unemployment benefits are unconstitutional, noting that without them, many more Americans would be in poverty. “What would you do for them?” asked Wallace. …

Miller, however, struggled to come up with an answer, and instead shifted to talking points about reducing the size of the federal government. Wallace repeatedly pressed him on the issue, without ever receiving an actual response

ILLER: I think the question is what is the role of the federal government? Right now we’ve grown the federal government into such a size we have, I think we have, what — in absolute terms now, $13.4 trillion in debt. If you look at the future unfunded obligation, a lot of those are the entitlement programs, by some estimates $130 trillion. That is unsustainable. That’s just the facts. And I think Americans recognize that those are the facts. The exciting thing is Americans are looking for answers. Alaskans are looking for answers. Here in Alaska, 40 percent of our economy in Alaska is somewhat derived from the federal government. If we continue say things have to continue the way they are, the expansion from the government which is unconstitutional in many ways is the future, it’s a dead-end road. Particularly for this state, because of the impending bankruptcy —

WALLACE: Mr. Miller, if I may, I’m not sure you answered my question. Why are unemployment benefits unconstitutional? In the time of a tough economy, recession, and now kind of a jobless recovery, what are you going to do for the 44 million people who are living in poverty?


Well I’m not sure Mr. Miller or Senator Inhofe or Senator McConnell or Senator McCain or any repub member of Congress would ever be able to answer Mr. Shaeffer’s question.

It does appear, however, that if you are out of work you can always run for Congress or at least help someone else run for Congress.

Political action committees must spend money to make money, typically hiring staff members from the organizers who created the group. But it is less common for them to funnel most of their outside spending through a vendor controlled by a committee executive, as Mr. Russo has done.

Such a practice, while legal, can create a question about whether the committee — and its donors — are getting a fair price for goods and services, said Brad Smith, a former Republican appointee to the Federal Election Commission and now a professor at the Capital University Law School in Columbus, Ohio.

Mr. Russo estimated that Russo & Marsh, and his wife’s company, King Media Group, had been paid about $250,000 a year for their work with the Tea Party cause.

An analysis of Federal Election Commission records by The Times puts the total amount paid — for commissions, services and wages to executives and staff members — at nearly $700,000 in the last 20 months, or about 13 percent of the $5.2 million the committee has spent. (By comparison, media buyers for candidates’ campaigns typically take a 6 percent to 15 percent commission, according to one consultant.)

But the campaign finance records for the Tea Party Express also showed payments totaling more than $10,000 for stays at casino hotels, as well as bills for meals at expensive restaurants near Mr. Russo’s offices, including nearly $5,000 at Chops Steak House, which former staff members said the Tea Party Express frequented after work.

“I was kind of shocked,” said Kelly Eustis, who served as political director at the Tea Party Express until leaving last fall. “It kind of turned me off.”

Mr. Russo disputes that there was any lavish spending. “There have been a lot of cheap shots taken,” he said. “This has not been a profitable activity for us. We have plowed every penny back into this thing.


And of course we have the example of Ensign using campaign funds to pay off extortion demands. http://www.citizensforethics.org/crew-calls-on-ethics-committee-to-act-on-ensign

Palin has had a wonderful time turning political hate into tens of millions of dollars. I mean her children are fed and housed for free; she gets all the ‘bendy straws’ she desires; her husband receives his cut as salary (I mean just the strain of having to listen to her demands that he be reimbursed somehow); and they all travel for free.

And this was all going on while she campaigned for governor, while she was governor; while she ran on McCain’s ticket and while she does whateverthehell she does right now.


All these people either ride on the taxpayer dime or the public campaign dime one way or the other. They hire family members, friends, in-laws and business associates. They put their own people on their staff, at their campaign headquarters and at fronts posing as think tanks.

All the money is public money in one sense or another. And middle class people who have been screwed for about three decades now foot a lot of these bills.

But sometimes people over react to this kind of chicanery.

The spotlight is now on Christine O’Donnell, the 41-year-old Sarah Palin-endorsed upset winner of Delaware’s GOP Senate primary, and from the looks of it, it ain’t pretty. O’Donnell is currently being targeted by a watchdog group claiming the Tea Partier abused campaign funds for personal use and made false statements on forms she filed with the Federal Elections Commission. Citizens for Responsibility and Ethics in Washington, which earlier in the year scrutinized Charlie Rangel, filed a complaint to the U.S. Attorney’s office in Delaware and the Federal Elections Commission alleging that O’Donnell illegally spent more than $20,000 in 2009 and 2010. “It turns out Miss O’Donnell has treated her campaign funds like they are her very own personal piggy bank,” said Melanie Sloan, the group’s executive director. “She’s used that money to pay for things like her rent, for gas, meals, and even a bowling outing. And that’s just flat-out illegal.” Much of these campaign expenses were made in 2009, when O’Donnell was not a candidate for anything. Representatives for O’Donnell could not be reached for comment. The Daily Beast’s Benjy Sarlin reported earlier this week that O’Donnell paid her mother $3,500 for consulting on her last campaign.

Read it at CNN


I think it best if the left stays the hell away from this silly expose of O’Donnell. It could back fire.

I mean so what if Christine’s mom brought sandwiches to her campaign headquarters? Jesus H. Christ!!! Are we supposed to be that concerned that mommy was cut a break here in the grand total of 3500 bucks? Who gives a damn really.

And $20,000 was taken by O’Donnell?

One day on the golf course with Abrams costs more than she was paid over a two year period.

Hundreds of thousands of dollars went from McCain’s campaign towards supplying Palin with today’s equivalent of leopard skin pill box hats. http://www.nytimes.com/2008/10/23/us/politics/23palin.html

We got to get our act together here. Hundreds of thousands of dollars, millions of dollars, tens of millions of dollars in payoffs FROM PUBLIC COFFERS are being made inside and outside of Capitol Hill every goddamnable day.



Comments on: "DUMMIES" (9)

  1. Hey Dick. I was asking this same stuff last week. How does somebody with just over $5000 in declared 2009 income manage to get by and also launch a primary campaign for the US Senate. I sure hope nobody needs proof that something fishy is going on here. The proof is in the numbers. But I don’t see anybody demanding Ms. O’Donnell to explain how she did this. I live real frugal but there is just no way to pay the rent and utilities and feed and clothe myself on $5000 a year. Nobody can do that. Not in the US. It’s flat out impossible.

    • She cannot survive without monies coming to her one way or another. Teabaggers with money probably began funding her personally when she filed to run in the primary.

      The rich take care of their propagandists.

  2. It doesn’t hurt to shake the tree and see what falls out. We have bigger problems that the media needs to investigate then O’Donnall, that I agree with you. She is too nutty for a reasonable voter. Bill M. plans to keep the clips comming for our intertainment.

  3. another trope said:

    One thought comes to mind with the idea that the middle class is paying for everything: as someone who works in the health and human services nonprofit field and dealing with getting people to pull their checkbook out to deal with the growing needs in our community, so many of these services would be better provided collectively through our government rather than the hodge-podge, piece-meal approach that is the non-profit landscape in this country. But people for some reason would rather cut a check for $1,000 dollars to a charity than pay an extra $50 in taxes. Oh well.

    • That is true, tooooooo true.

      There is some sort of belief system that just cannot be penetrated.

      It has to do with this idea of ‘freedom’. Oh but I was free to send a grand to the local gop or bible group.

      And people who evidently do not think they will become ill are mad at health care legislation.

  4. Okay Dd, I guess it’s time for us to start a ‘Fight The Crazy’ political organization and we’ll just start employing everyone:)

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