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President Carter

I was reminded tonight of how much he disappointed me, and how honored I was to vote for Senator Kennedy in the 1980 New York Democratic presidential primary. Those who think their current circumstance is the same as mine and so many others in 1980 are out of their mind, but it will take me a few days and maybe a week to explain that and specifically what he said tonight that reminded me of what a twerp he was and continues to be.

I hate calling the former President of the United States a twerp, but I have called President Bush an idiot and President Clinton a Republican, so the rubicon has been crossed.


Comments on: "President Carter" (3)

  1. I always felt sorry for Jimmy Carter, even though I was a Republican teen when he was in office. He just never seemed to fit in and his points were always scoffed. Looking back, however, he made some excellent points. Putting solar panels on the White House, for one. Desiring and working towards peace, for another. And since leaving the White House he has done nothing but work for the greater good. Habitats for Humanity. Being sent as a special ambassador of peace to the Middle East when needed.

    However, looking at the context of your post and the fact that this is simply an introduction to greater points you want to make, I will sit back and wait for the larger picture to form and then read it with an open mind.

  2. Was never that fond of Teddy Kennedy. I saw him as a Kennedy wanna-be. Or also ran.

  3. I had a lot of problems with Ted K, too. His decades of service count for something, but he walked away from scandals that would have sunk most pols.

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