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This week I was with my quilting friends at our quilt bee. We get together every two weeks to chat and work on quilting together. The usual gossip turned to politics which in itself is unusual. The last round of primaries wins had caught their attention. Most of these ladies are life long loyal republicans but this election cycle’s round of candidates had them bewildered and wondering if they should remain a republican. There was questions thrown out on the economy, jobs, international corporations, education and other issues. Not once was abortion, race, gays, 51 Park Ave, birth certificate of the President, and stem cells was mentioned. Watching clips of O’Donnell talk about masturbation had them upset. It just might have been one too many psychotic far right political candidate being paraded around on main street media for them.

I found this article through a link from reading The Nation Blog that I emailed to my quilting friends. It has some wonderful charts that show the economy over the past few decades. Maddow on her show Friday night used one of the charts from this piece on the elderly income. I would like to share this read from Economic Policy Institute with you.


As far as my friends votes go, I really don’t know how they will finally vote but it is beginning to sink in the far right crazies are taking over the republican party.

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Comments on: "Could There Be Some Fall Out From O’Donnell’s Nomination?" (14)

  1. I’ve said before and I remain unconvinced that the mainstream, of all political stripes, are of a mind to buy into the extremist views being put forth by tea partiers and libertarians.

    The words of the candidates are betrayed by their real world exclusion of too broad a swath of America to be believed.

    With all the light being shed upon this election, good and bad via the MSM, and with these ever present contradictions, voters will be left with mostly uncertainty. I’m inclined to think this uncertainty will cause voters to stand pat. Polling states differently but I happen to think pollsters are asking the wrong questions. I just hope this doesn’t end with the classic tail wagging the dog syndrome. In that regard my mistrust of the companies behind the polling and of the MSM is always close at hand. They’re all selling something.

    • I agree with you. One thing the ladies were talking about was that they used to turn on CNN for background noise when they were sewing but now they turn on old movies because the news isn’t much news anymore. Another words the news media is loosing their audience because they are not presenting much news only nonsense. Last week when Ca. had that gas line blow up a freind texted me to turn on the weather channel because it had the best coverage. They had tied into the local media when no one else had.

      Polling here in Florida sucks. They pretend that there is no democrats or ethnic minorites in the state. They missed a 25+ spread between Meek and Green. They only call the ones with land lines that watch Fox all day and never get out of the house but to go to the doctor and the grocery store. These republican freinds of mine were split between Rubio and Crist.

  2. another trope said:

    It will be interesting to see how many moderate Republicans who would have otherwise gone to voting booth stay home – seeing their choice to vote for the Dem or the wacko. Of course there would be no way to know that number, but combined with Dems suddenly motivated to keep the “Palins” in all their manifestations out of power might just very well blunt the Republican victory in November.

    • That’s my sincere hope. I might be visiting my mother next weekend and I look forward to discussing the effects of the Tea Party with her. Hopefully my eldest sister (who’s even more conservative in her views than my mother is) will be available to join in the conversation. I’m really interested in hearing their thoughts on this.

      • My freinds found the masterbation thing and the dignaty camps a little hard to take after all the crap Palin and others have been saying. They have daughters that are struggling to keep a home together for their grandkids. They took the camp idea as a direct insult on the character of their childern. Let me know your mom’s and sister’s take on that since NY and DE is close to home.

  3. This is exceedingly helpful and hopeful information! Thanks for the grassroots view, one which has apparently not yet percolated up to the pollsters. I say, keep it under our hat and spread the word, the word that bothered that ladies. Embellish it even. Envision this lady with some sort of power and how she might wield it. Let others know that… like in a rumor mill.

    Thanks for this! We need more worried quilters!

    • They are just normal ladies that raised their kids, worked and now live in retirement. They are not political in nature only worried about the economic depression. They have respect and pride for our government. I know women who will sit and agree with their husbands and family about politics to keep peace and then confess that they feel differently and plan to vote their own mind.

  4. My sincere hope, also!!

    Fallout as a good word. hahaha

    • What…did they think? Would the nice lady republican down the street go along with bat shit crazy attacks on their gender? After all…tea bags belong in hot water not in congress.

  5. Here’s an interesting article about the Tea Party and how it is basically, when you really get down to it, just an offshoot of the Republican party, and not truly a movement of its own:


    Good reading.

    • I particularly love this bit regarding Eisenhower:

      “We have to go back many years, but there was a moderate, pragmatic wing of the Republican Party. In 1954, President Dwight Eisenhower (R) wrote a letter to his brother. “Should any political party attempt to abolish social security, unemployment insurance, and eliminate labor laws and farm programs, you would not hear of that party again in our political history,” Ike said. The president acknowledged in the letter that there are some who advocate such nonsense, but added, “Their number is negligible and they are stupid.””

      • I bookmarked your link to send to my freinds.

        People have had to work harder and longer hours in the last 30 years and have not taken the time to pay attention closely to the way they were getting screwed. They would show up at the polls tired and clueless who to vote for accept the party they thought was looking out for them.

        Now that many are not working they do have time to think about this, the tide just might get turned back. The generation under 40 are convinced that their parents and grandparents are selfish and out of touch with reality.

        Lis, you are not the only one who have gone through a soul searching political reevaluation. Many are right now.

      • How the political view has changed. That was a different time with a different kind of men. People then had their characters forged on the battlefield. They learned respect for people and for life in the harshest of ways and never forgot it.

        I remember wearing Ike buttons in grammar school at election time. I guess you could call it my formal indoctrination into the fine art of brainwashing. It worked. But only until the Army was about to hand me a rifle and send me to Vietnam. That brought me to my senses and I ran down to the Air Force recruitment office as fast as I could. I was green but I wasn’t stupid.

        More and more all our enemies are likely to see is a Predator drone in the sky before they’re blown to their final reward. We’ve made a real life video game of killing and learn nothing more than a kid in an arcade tossing quarters in a machine. Which is probaly why our generals want us to stay in Afghanistan for as long as possible. It’s a pefect proving ground for the development and testing of our killing machines. The DOD budget for UAV’s has been growing by leaps and bounds. What more could a general or a neocon ask for?

  6. Up date:

    O’Donnall’s handlers have stopped all national interveiws and she will only talk to DE voters until the election. Hmm…could the party bosses have noticed she is too exstreme and could be hurting other republican campaigns?

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