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a couple of rallies in october

There is one rally that’s happening that people might be interested in:

One Nation Working Together is a social movement of individuals and organizations committed to putting America back to work and pulling America back together. Coming from a diverse set of backgrounds, experiences, beliefs and orientations, we are determined to build a more united country with good jobs, equal justice, and quality public education for all.

The Partners for this event range from Code Pink to Friends of the Earth to Interfaith Worker Justice to NAACP to Planned Parenthood to United Steelworkers of America.   One hasn’t heard too much about this event (at least I haven’t) but hopefully it will be a little more successful than some of the rallies by those from the dark side.

And then there is the rally of all rallies at the end of October in Washington D.C.  Yes, I’m talking about John Stewart’s “Rally to Restore Sanity.” on October 30, 2010.  In a strange serendipitous convergence, it just so happens that Stephen Colbert is having his March to Keep Fear Alive that very same day.

Here is John announcing his rally, Stephen announcing his march.


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  1. I gotta admit. For a long time I’ve felt that “green” means not traveling a long distance to rally. But that rally for SANITY, now that grabs me! Especially on the day of the insanity rally. And both on the day before Halloween.

    Ah, yes, let us not miss the irony of keeping fear alive the day before Halloween. We could call that FEAR ALIVE!

    • another trope said:

      I’m sure the D.C. police are in a little freak out, the Saturday night before Halloween and Stewart and Colbert unleash their dominions upon the Capitol.

      • I sure wish I could go to all three, but most especially the one on October 2. Alas…not in the cards. But I hope there’s a great turnout, and that the media pays attention to the One Nation Working Together rally. Thanks for getting the word out. I’ll share this post at Facebook.

  2. I do not understand what they are attempting to do except for to sell their shows.

    I know they are making fun of beckerhead…but…

    • another trope said:

      Aside from being pressured by their fans to do this (Colbert’s fans donated over $100,000 in 24 hours to his favorite charity to prove how serious they were), I think both John and Steven see it as a chance to make the media talk about the level of discourse in the media. Much in the same way that Stewart was able for a brief moment to get the media to talk about how they just let the politicans come on their shows and give their talking points and not to be pose critical follow up questions. Which is why a show that followed puppets making crank phone calls, as Stewart put it, suddenly was one of the most trusted news show in the media.

      I think it can also highlight the fact that for every tea bagger out there, who is somehow representing the mood of the country, there is someone else who sees things completely different.

      But there is something sad I have to admit that the hopes of this country rests with two stars from a comedy tv channel. Such is the situation that this country has come to.

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