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Thank You Acamus

This is very nice without a lot of clutter or distraction. There is something to be said for not having all the stuff I thought I needed or wanted.

Thank you so much.


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  1. And if He closes before you
    all passes and all ways
    He’ll show a hidden pathway
    which no one yet has known!

    Jalaluddin Rumi

  2. I love the spareness of our site here – to me, it’s very pleasing on the eye. For all that, I’m beginning to find some nice “bells and whistles” that I didn’t know we had…such as the ability to edit our comments, the ability to use links in comments, etc. I am so glad Acamus chose WordPress — I think it’s a wonderful set-up.

    So, yes…thank you, Camus, for creating this home for us. It does indeed feel like home to me, and I’m grateful to you. For everything.

    • seconded.

      but acamus, do you want we should call you that or another trope?

      • another trope said:

        i’ll reply to either. i took another trope during the whole tpm sign in thing happened and i was trying signing up for gmail, and when i used acamus it was posting my real name next to my avatar. Any who…people can call me acamus, another trope, trope, or whatever else comes to mind. thanks for asking.

  3. yeah, I want to thank Camus also. I do not understand this thrope thing but I have problems figuring out tabs–so who cares?

    I think between this site and Mike’s site, I get to discuss topics with my friends.

    So I shall continue to blog here and repost on dagblog for a little selling campaign.

    the end

  4. another trope said:

    Thanks all for the nice words. I’m still getting my feet wet with all that WordPress has to offer, and I’m definitely not the most savvy when it comes to the techie stuff regarding web sites, so if there is anything you think might help out in terms of design or widgets or whatnot, let me know at blau.polar@gmail.com. I will probably put up a page under the “about” page for people to put their suggestions like categories and any other thoughts.

    • Camus, I ran into a situation last night where I wanted to edit one of my comments and found that I couldn’t. Lis had said she could and I checked back with her to confirm that. Could you check this and perhaps arrange it so I can fix my comments when I screw up.

      Best Regards, John Kraus

      • another trope said:

        You have the same “author” privileges like others, so just to be sure – there isn’t just to the right of the date on your post the link (Edit)?

        • Camus, That is what Lis told me to look for. The word ‘EDIT’ isn’t there. Also if I go into the DASHBOARD my comments are present but if I look at the online help it indicates that changes can be made to comments from there. Not that I can see. I must have done something wrong somewhere along the way but I haven’t any idea what it is. I logged on from three different computers and all are the same.

          No big deal. If you figure it out just give a holler. It’s not the end of the world. If we have to force close the account on Word Press and recreate it to make it work that’s OK too.

          Best Regards, John Kraus

        • Camus, I just noticed something.

          If I comment or respond to a comment of another member inside one of my own blog posts the ‘EDIT’ thing is there.

          When I comment in a blog post of another member is when the edit thing isn’t present.

          Best Regards, John Kraus

          • That’s the same thing I finally realized! Strange that you can only edit your comments at your own post.

            Bottom line. Make yur mistakes at ur own post! 😉

            • another trope said:

              Yes that it strange.

            • Camus, Except this isn’t true all across the board. Lis was able to edit my comments on a blog post that wasn’t mine. Or anywhere else for that matter. That can’t possibly be right. I trust Lis and everyone else here, but such an arrangement is an open invitation to mischief.

              FWIW I am the sole owner of an IT service company with 40 plus years of industry experience and know my way around this stuff. I mostly do networking, server stuff and DB design and admin but if you would like I could take a look at the site admin to see if we can determine what is going on. As I said before none of this bothers me terribly so don’t worry about it if you’d rather not. But be aware you are leaving yourself open until you correct this.

              Best Regards, John Kraus AllComp Computer Service (315) 474-3183 http://www.allcompsyr.com

              • another trope said:

                Lis has “editor” privileges as opposed to “author” privileges so there is at least one other person who can deal with abusive trolls should I not be around.

                Everybody else is the next step down which “author” privileges which means you can post a blog without me first approving the blog, which is what would happen if one had the lowest level privilege of “contributor”.

                So it seems the only way I can get people to be able to edit their own comments on blog not theirs would be to give them the “editor” privilege which would mean everyone could edit everyone else’s comments.

                But wordpress has a lot of backend stuff, that is over my head which if someone who knows what they are doing might be able to figure out a way to give edit privilege to one’s own comments but not others. Probably if you go over wordpress.org (as opposed to wordpress.com) that is where the techies of this site talk their techie talk.

                Also there is a forum that deal with tech questions here at wordpress

                • Camus, That makes sense. Having a backup is a good idea. That explains that. Lis seemed not to have understood how you had configured it. Perhaps she does now. This is a bit different than what I’m accustomed to where you have highly granular control over any and all resources on a network. As you can see I’m not familiar with WordPress. I’ll go over to the techie site and check what there is to the admin side of it.

                  Best Regards, John Kraus

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