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It is truly a poignant commentary on the state of the Republican Party when Bush’s Brain gets excoriated for daring to articulate what everyone this side of Wingnutistan realizes – Chris O’Donnell is BATSHIT CRAZY.

Its one thing when (semi) rational conservative thinkers like David Frum get driven out of the herd for pointing out that the tea-bagged loonies are savaging the GOP’s long term viability for some short term success – and by success I mean cable TV ratings.  But it’s something else entirely when Wingnutistan’s former Mufti of Misinformation gets a tea-bag Fatwa of Heresy for speaking the truth for the first time since he admitted that without the WMD lie, the Iraq war might never have happened.

To say O’Donnell is extreme is putting it mildly.  O’Donnell is, of course, famous for her Anti-Masturbation crusade, which would likely earn her the private enmity of her potential Congressional colleagues, many of whom frequently beat their own drums, so-to-speak.  But that’s just a small taste of her crazy.

More disturbingly, O’Donnell has objected to calling sufferers of AIDS as “Victims” and has insisted that rather than lower the risk of infection, the use of condoms actually encourages more sex, thereby leading to more HIV infection.  To show contempt for people afflicted with a deadly disease is not just crazy, it’s disgusting and completely hypocritical for someone who claims to be an ardent follower of Jesus Christ’s teachings.  What would the would-be Senator say to the Lepers Christ attended to?

This is also a woman who once said that during WW2 it would have been more moral to turn over Jews to the Nazis than it would have been to ‘practice deception’ by hiding them. God, she contended, would provide a way out for those unlucky Jews.  One can only assume that the she believes that Anne Frank and family were punished by death for the lies of their failed Gentile protectors.

Talk about Compassionate Conservatism.

The tea-bagged masses were appalled by Rove’s blasphemy, and immediately began a collective temper tantrum that continues as I write.  They called him a childish whiner and told him to shut up and jump on the bandwagon. Some demanded that he be suspended or even fired for his job at the Tea Bag Channel…I mean Fox News.  Sean Hannity looked like he wanted to cry. Michelle Malken didn’t mince words, calling Rove a ‘loser.’

And in a stunning bit of comic irony Rush Limbaugh invoked his own testicles when making his case for O’Donnell, urging Republicans join him in going ‘balls to the wall’ for her.  It will be interesting to see how El Rushbo can do that without breaking O’Donnell’s ‘hands off’ admonition. (How’s that for a brain searing image?)

Finally, the HMGIC (Head Momma Grizzly In Charge) of the Tea Party, former partial term Governor turned paid political infotainer, Sarah Palin mocked Karl Rove, chiding him to ‘buck up’ and join the circus or face his own unplanned obsolescence.

Somewhere Dr. Frankenstein is shaking his head and saying ‘I told you so.’

How did Bush’s Brain fall so far so fast?  And how soon will he come to realize his new role in the Neo-Neo GOP and just pile into the car with the other sad old clowns, like John McCain, Mitch McConnell and John Boehner?

O’Donnell’s extreme views epitomize the wild-eyed insanity of the ultra-right.  She’s just another in Momma Grizzly’s herd of opportunistic political cannibals.  Obviously it would be worse if O’Donnell won her Senate race, but the prospect of her parlaying her new found rock-star status into a 7 figure ‘contributors’  gig with Fox or publishing her anti meat beat manifesto scares me even more.   Somewhere deep down, I think that O’Donnell would prefer take her show on the road become a highly compensated national spokesperson for the up-and-coming Chastity Belt industry.

The most crushing realization that I had yesterday was that I actually agreed with Sir Turd Blossom for once in my life.  Rove knows that in the past fringers from the right used the primaries to not-so-subtly pull errant politicians back to their base while not alienating moderate republicans and middle-of-the-road Independents.  But the moderate Republican is going the way of the Dodo as the big tend shrinks.  This year, the tea-baggers are unseating even the marginally moderate Republicans. The inmates are taking over the asylum.  And with every lurch to the right, the Republican Party gets scarier and more dangerous, especially if they are able to wrest control of Congress from the Democrats.   Let’s hope that rational voters understand what Rove understands – that many of these ideologues are not only unelectable, they are nuts.


Almost as if on cue, Rover rolled over before his masters this morning, likely smacked in his snout by Uncle Rupert before being sent to the doghouse.  One can only presume that this morning, Rover was summoned early this morning to also fetch the slippers of Rush Limbaugh.  So much for him being the Boy Genius.

LATER UPDATE:  I think we may have a second round of GOP Establishment flogging on the horizon.  I just read that former Senator Al D’Amato did an interview this morning, saying the same things about  New York’s Republican Gubernatorial candidate Carl Paladino as Rove said about Christine O’Donnell.  Namely, that he’s BATSHIT CRAZY!

“…anger overcame reason and enabled a fringe element to choose the Republican nominee. The end result was the selection of Mr. Paladino, a divisive figure simply not fit to lead this great state.”

Stay tuned for a riveting night of coverage of this story on Fox News!




  1. This reminds me of that famous saying, which ends: “And then they came for me.” The establishment repubs watched and cheered as so many were branded traitor or gay or illegal or terrorists, you name it. Till finally, one day, when they could see that this strategy was headed for a cliff, they cried out against it! And then… they too were branded traitors…


  2. You certainly have a way with words.

    So Rover rolled over, huh?

    I love all our writers here, but damn you write good essays!!

  3. I’ve been watching this unfold and it stretches credulity to the breaking point. Where party discipline was once the byword of the republican establishment we have an unprecedented implosion underway.

    I’ve put up a couple blogs about the batshit Ms. O’Donnell but have yet to find the words for Paladino. He is mean. In a hurtful and spiteful way. He is toxic.

    In spite of all this I am completely unsure what will happen in November. Common sense tells me there is just no way the collection of crazies being put up can win. But then I’m left with no explanation for how they’ve even gotten this far.

    While I despise Rove, his initial reaction is exactly the one any sane person would have. He got the word from somewhere. No doubt. I strongly suspect the name Koch is operating behind the scenes pulling the levers of power. A lot. That’s the only thing I can think of that would allow for this to be orchestrated in the unified way we are seeing. It is hardly random.

  4. but d’amato’s crazy too.

  5. See? I knew the Tea Party would come in handy for something. If they want to elect non-electable crazies to run against Dems, more power to ’em.

  6. ~flowerchild~ said:

    I’ve just been reading about the candidates running to take the seat Stupak is retiring from. We’ve got a normal Democrat (not liberal, but not bad) and a tea-bagger who has already thrown it out there that he wants to fiddle with Social Security and Medicare. At this point, the tea-bagger is ahead in the polls.

    I just signed up to help out with the Dem’s campaign.

    • Social Security is the one remaining huge pile of money the leeches want a piece of. For the extremist ideologues on the right it represents everything they imagine that is bad on the progressive left. It makes not a bit of difference to the leeches that it’s a fully paid for social safety net for a lot of people in this country. Of all the things that are broke in this country and which are in serious need of fixing Social Security is very far down the list. Going after it is just another of those lies which have contributed to this country coming unglued.

      • One of the things that the wingnuts never mention is what would have happened had Dubya been able to privatize Social Security while he was President, before the market hit the shitter. Millions of elderly people’s savings would have been wiped out.

        • Yeah. I remember very well Bush trying to sell this to the country. TPM, and Josh in particular, had a lot to do with preventing that. They’ll keep trying though. The greed has no limits. There are people who have made it their lifes work to destroy everything that has made this country great. It makes me crazy.

          • I think that every time an idiot neo-con parrots the bullshit about how privatizing Social Security is the only way to save it we should remind them that had they had their way, there would be soup lines today.

  7. PFC from her phone said:

    Glad I stopped bye while sitting in class waiting for the bugs to work out. I actually laughed out loud at this one. I love your $100,000 words as my kids’ teacher calls them

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