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Be Careful What You Wish For

With the primaries out of the way, the board is set and the game is on. I suspect there are those in Washington this morning who are coming to appreciate their infidelities  and maybe even some who will have learned from this experience. With all due respect to those incumbents who’ve really make an honest effort voters seem not to care one bit about that effort. Congresspersons are seen as having succeeded or failed voters as a unit. There are no in betweens.

For those of us, and I am one, who have railed against congress in general I’m ambivalent to the outcome of yesterday. Whatever happens in November is well deserved. If the entire congress changes and we end up with an even greater mess, all those who refused to work together and find the common ground necessary to move the country forward and equitably support the majority, they have no one to thank but themselves.

For all the ‘wrong track’ commentary over time and polling supporting that assertion, why dems and reps find themselves the target of voters ire can’t possibly be misinterpreted. Certainly they’re not unaware of how thoroughly they’ve repeatedly screwed the pooch.

Maybe after the upcoming fiasco they’ll have learned something. One can only hope. In the meantime our patience will be tried like never before. Oh well. I’ll just pull the democratic lever in November, hope for the best and try and avoid the onrushing flood of stupid. Man the life preservers.


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  1. Life Preservers. Yes! Now what are one’s life preservers? That’s what interests me.

    • Where to begin?

      In the 30’s depression we had a skewed wealth distribution that hovered at 25% of national wealth being in the hands of the top 2%. We have the same now. This nation has been at its most productive and most innovative, historically, when that number is around 12% – 15%. As a prerquisite we won’t solve a thing without solving this. Our national economic cash flow depends upon people having and spending money. Congress totally screwed this up and only congress can fix it. Unfortunately the prevailing winds may make addressing this impossible.

      There are a whole lot of other things but everything starts with the financial inequities which have crept in over the last two decades. The fact is nothing else matters unless this gets fixed. We have a closed loop system of jobs, spending, wage rates comensurate with living costs, housing, healthcare etc. The numerics of the relationship of these numbers are far from what they need to be if things are to be brought back in order. This economy, the one we were accustomed to, won’t recover and is not sustainable unless we can get back to the numbers which historically supported it. I don’t see that happening. The political will to do this doesn’t exist.

      What this all means is a period of years will have to pass as the nation grows accustomed to this new socio-economic reality. As you’ll recall the Titanic had neither enough life boats or life preservers. We have exactly the same and will suffer a figurative, if not literal, similar consequence. Numbers and facts can be cruel things and Americans do neither worth a pee.

      • I can’t disagree with your analysis. I suspect, however, that any redistribution will be slow in coming – if comes. Meanwhile the economy is likely to be hampered as consumers pull back yet again. And yet again. I foresee dark days ahead.

        There are now fewer households in this country. People have downsized. Moved in together. Shared possessions. I suspect there will be way, way less consumption – and that may spiral downward as things get worse.

        But will the country pull together in some sane fashion? That’s what concerns me most.

        So when I think of life preservers, I’m also thinking “coping mechanisms” – because we can propose solutions till the cows come home, but if the repubs and the tea party people spread rumors and innuendos and insane lies, too many people will not believe their lyin’ eyes.

  2. another trope said:

    Oh well, indeed.

    And I’m with TheraP. What are those life preservers? I’m a bit concerned that this time around I won’t be able to tread this stupid for too long. It’s just getting to be a bit too much.

    • As I responded to Thera we are going to have to grow accustomed to some things which are foreign to us. Stupid is another of those which I don’t see getting fixed. Take any number of the tea partiers who won yesterday. Stupid is their middle name. Christine O’Donnel is one who comes to mind. I’m having a hard time believing a person so bereft of the slightest understanding of the realities of human nature can even be running for the office of US Senator. We thought GWB was stupid. This takes stupidity an order of magnitude higher and couples it with an equal measure of insanity. We have virtually no chance with people like this running the country. None. You better find a flotation device in a hurry. We’ll soon be drowning in a sea of stupid.

      • It’s more than stupid. It’s plain denial! I say that being related to one of them. We call it stupid or insanity from our perspective, because it drives us nuts just hearing it, seeing it. But from within the person… what could it be except denial and group delusion? Delusions are an indication of intelligence actually. And if enough intelligent people believe the same thing… they see it as reality. Very scary for the rest of us!

        My ultimate life preserver would be leaving the country. That’s an option that opened up after my mother’s death and my father’s move to live with my brother.

        • othepeoplechoose said:

          This is their reality. They truly believe what they say.

          And they are not intelligent. At least not in terms of the information they are absent or have excluded from their personal equation of life. Nor is it denial. They have no basis in knowledge for denial. Obama is their exact opposite in this regard. Which explains a lot. What he knows of the world and what they know differs greatly. He is foreign, different, to them in every way. To a degree they can’t begin to assimilate. The overt nationalism is worriesome and reminiscent of another time. I wonder if OBL and the 9/11 hijackers took this fierce nationalism into account? Or if they did their calculus was off by a mile. I wonder if they considered or cared how many people would die?

          Lastly, I understood what you meant via life preservers. I spent enough years in therapy to know where you’re coming from.

          BTW I am using the IE9 beta version for this post. It just came out today. It’s different. Very minimalist.

          • I agree. They believe what they say. One idea doesn’t necessarily hang together with another idea. But they somehow hold contradictory ideas… Without any problem.

      • othepeoplechoose said:

        Oh Yeah. I forgot. O’Donnell is a creationist. Just what we need. Another anti-science, anti-social senator who probably can’t do simple math.

  3. I don’t know if stupid has much future. This season’s round of stupids just might keep the enthusiasm in the traditional republican voter down. All the high level of republican enthusiasm is more of a Main Street Media myth then what is really going on. The republicans don’t have everything they say is going for them. It looks like they have lost control of a message that will work in the general election.

  4. Wow, this is in every resecpt what I needed to know.

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