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One More Time

An American flag flying upside down, a symbol of distress, was noticed atop Eagle Rock.  Again.  (To catch up with this story for those who may be visiting from somewhere else than TPMCafe, please click on the red links provided within the above linked story.)

It happened over the Fourth of July and over this past weekend, it happened again.

Now, the first time, it was a relative piece of cake attaching an upside down stars and stripes to a tree on top of Eagle Rock, a sacred site to the Anishinaabe that is being held hostage by Rio Tinto, a foreign mining corporation with a horrific history of worker and environmental abuse.

But this time, well, I don’t know for sure how it was accomplished, but, someone with some audacious  daring-do managed:

  • to get over the ten foot high chain link fence,
  • then over the three strings of barbed wire on top of the fence,
  • then over the earthen berm that is built up even higher than the barbed wire,
  • then across some open ground because Rio Tinto has scraped every tree, shrub, and blade of grass off the land inside their ill-gotten compound,
  • then after reaching Eagle Rock itself, carrying a flag and who knows what else the entire way, climbed that,
  • then climbed one of the taller trees left on top of the rock,
  • then fastened a flag of these here United States, upside down to demonstrate the distress this soulless mining company, Rio Tinto, is visiting upon the land, the water, and the spirit of the people,
  • then they managed to get back out…

….despite the constant surveillance by camera and by human guards that Rio Tinto has set up, protecting their stuff.

All I can say is someone has some seriously awesome skills.  Mebbe it was a Ninja Injun?  🙂 I haven’t got a clue who it could be, but I’d be happy to shake their hand.


Comments on: "One More Time" (5)

  1. Well, that just makes my day. I like your idea of the Ninja Injun, hee hee. And it just makes my heart sing that someone went to ALL of that obvious trouble to keep the statement alive. Thanks for posting this update, Flower.

  2. Excellent. But they did not have to climb anything…if they had access to a chopper or hot air balloon.

  3. Helicopter. That’s what I was thinking too. But hot air balloon is even more stealthy – though harder to control, I would guess.

    But wow! That’s some dedication there!

  4. another trope said:

    Thanks for the update. Applause for the soul or souls who pulled this off. I can only imagine the day after all the “emergency meetings” that happened with security personnel. Hee.

  5. They clearly used a moat. Underground, course.
    At least it is what I would have done.

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