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What’s a Mother to Do?


I was thinking about this today as I listened to old FOX rantings.

Oh it is magic!!! They say.

Economists will simply say its magic, no one knows how it works.

Not Krugman or Reich of course, they are too sophisticated for all that bullshit.

In 1980 I watched a Sixty Minute soft soap lob to the single dumbest man to ever sit in the White House—not w bush– but Ronald Rayguns.

The arsehole just sat in this fucking four season porch (which means a room for chrissakes since it means that you can be safe sitting in the fucking room all year) and he was drinking Coca Cola; for which he was paid immense sums no doubt.

And he held up this fucking piece of asbestos formed into a can and announced:


What kind of garbage does our electorate eat?

Well the answer is that our citizenry will eat whatever horseshit you feed it.

And some arsehole from 60 Minutes just smiled and said oh my goodness der furher.


Oh Ronny had a real FEEL for what America is about.


There is a famous discussion that occurred half a century ago related to this very subject.

Whitey Ford had met with his fellow Yankees at a local bar prior to dinner which was a ritual.

Yogi and Mickey were there and everyone was smiling.

Whitey whispered to Mickey, watch this!!!

Hey Yogi, do you realize that the Irish just voted in a Jew as President of Ireland?

Yogi looked up and sighed: ONLY IN AMERICA!!!!

There is wisdom in what Yogi said as there is always wisdom in the most remembered lines of Yogi or Casey.

Wall Street magnets receive billions of dollars a year. And in order to keep the order necessary at these fucking banking/brokerages (following deregulation who the fuck can tell anymore the difference between a banking institution and a brokerage) give their minions tens of millions of dollars to keep their fucking mouths shut.

I swear that I have actually heard some asshat on FOX respond when the news was let out that some idiot won a lottery: ONLY IN AMERICA.

This is pure horse manure; of course.

Hell, all it takes for one to understand what an incredible lie this is would be to force the individual to watch Waking Ned Divine.

In Ireland, you pay no taxes on your winnings in their lottery.

And there are lotteries all over the fucking world.

What the bastard repubs will do is show some asshat who has a thriving business and say:


Hell they bring out a guy named Joe The Plumber, and say:


And then we all find out that Joe is not Joe and that Joe is not even a fucking plumber and that Joe never made over 60 grand a year in his entire fricking life!!!!

This stuff makes me so goddamn mad sometimes I think I wish to be Samson and tear the entire building down.

A great picture on TPM shows Boehner protected from the public with two lobbyists like they were his personal bodyguards.


You simply take some anecdote like ronny might render unto the masses and then you build this incredible lie that belies every goddamnable thing you ever learned in elementary school, and you buy it; lock stock and barrel.

And then as you look at your monthly statements from deregulated credit card companies together with your monthly statements for that mortgage that was supposed to be paid for years ago; and you cry bloody murder and NO ONE WILL LISTEN TO YOU. EVER!!!

I recall my poor demented father speaking of truths: IT’S A JUNGLE OUT THERE!!!

This was taken from the Honeymooners but I am sure he had that thought instilled with him before Gleason ever did.

The idea was that the world is offal, but America was not to blame.

So the oligarchs personified by rush and FOX and the rest of the propaganda network that rules our lives tell us:


Just think about it sometime. We had a president who was shot and who ended up with senile dementia and we are supposed to think that he somehow represented all that was right with the world.

I mean, this is nuts! This is nuts by any sane measure and yet, we have to listen to this propaganda every single goddamn day.

And not only are the people in this country fooled, but the people in our country worship that kind of horseshit.


Oh we have voices who certainly attempt to inform us of the ‘truth’.

I mean what the hell is the ‘truth’ anyway?

I don’t have it.

But I certainly can discern a lie when it is published.

Should we read the Nation? Or should we read Huffpo? Or should we log into Crooks&Liars?

The NYT, with all the news that’s fit to print will not longer print.

I love the internet so I could really give a damn.

But I never trusted the NYT anyway. I mean the damn newspaper would somehow concede that there are two sides to every issue.

FOX maintains that there are two sides to every issue.

Should we just shoot our President or just yell at him a lot?

You cannot, and I mean nobody can, prove that our President is Christian. Hell you could not prove that w was Christian. It is impossible.

I mean w does look kind of like a cross between John Goodman and George H. W. Bush, but I have seen no DNA results have you?

And how am I supposed to believe that McCain was somehow born in Panama while under U.S. control or whatever. And how the fuck do I read in the Constitution that being born in Panama makes you a U.S. citizen?

The lies are so atrocious and so baseless, that there is no way you could ever argue against them.

If someone wins the lottery, then we say America works.

If someone loses the lottery and we broadcast that fact, we are somehow committing CLASS WARFARE.

Every single minute, upon every single street in America, the CLASS WARFARE IS BEING WAGED.

Oh there is collateral damage of course. I mean someone makes it in the florist business, or some schmuck earns a couple hundred grand in the stock market….but this is pure chance. These winners have nothing to do with a system that continually strikes innovation in the balls.

And most of those minutes, the bad guys win. The bad guys win with hidden cards up their sleeves, the bad guys win with tiny print in silly contracts nobody reads (and if they read that tiny print, they are not ever the wiser for it), the bad guys win with a legal system that protects only them, the bad guys win because they have the big stack, the bad guys win because they have the software to tell them what the odds are and the bad guys win because they wrote the rules to begin with and they own the umpires and the referees.



Comments on: "What’s a Mother to Do?" (8)

  1. So good to see you here, Dick. Such is life, indeed.

    • That was so kind of you LisB. Now I can just log on. I have this place bookmarked; set in my email and put on Word.

      This was one of my more obscene rants.

      I will do something more rational today or tomorrow.

  2. One route to success has worked for you, dear Roundish Tabled One. Blogging has made you success! It didn’t come with money, of course. But the good news is that nobody is gonna come and take you down either!

    By the way, I’ve always loved it when you use the words in your title.

    Yours is a blog that is the flip side of my broken heart blog. And very well done!

    • Now I’m embarrassed. My next blog here will be more rational.

      All these swear words and my spiritual counselor shows up. hahahaah

      Have a nice week TheraP!!!

  3. PFC writing from her phone said:

    This reminds me of the thought I had of saying to someone who complains of minorities and government “Guess you are right the experiment failed let’s pack up and go back where we came from.” I mean what will they say to that? If America doesn’t work its because people cannot be open minded beyond their biases. I gotta try that and see what their response is and let you guys know.

  4. PFC commenting fron her phone said:

    I’m going to start stating “Now that we see America, the great experiment can’t work does this mean we will pack up and go home?”.
    To the next rightie who complains of minorities and government. I always hear how it is the fault of minorities and everyone who isn’t a reagan follower that the country doesn’t work because of them so I guess the writing is on the wall.
    Give the land back to the Natives and go back to where you came from.

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