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While perusing the web today, I stumbled upon these two articles that really scared the hell out of me.  I think every right-leaning Independent and every Republican should read these.  So please share them with whomever you know:


Right around the time President Obama was presenting his vision for the economy at a White House press conference, Rep. Lynn Westmoreland (R-Ga.), the vice chairman of the National Republican Congressional Committee, spoke to disgraced lobbyist Ralph Reed’s right-wing confab, and offered a vision of his own.

If Republicans take back the House, Westmoreland said, they would use their new majority to force a budget battle akin to the fight staged by former Speaker Newt Gingrich with President Clinton and shut down the federal government. Westmoreland cautioned that he was fully aware that such a move would close down hospitals for veterans and shut down National Parks. But, Westmoreland argued that taking down the government is worth “the pain” because health reform and government programs are like a “gangrene” that “need to be cleaned out.”

I mention this for two reasons. The first is that the mainstream American electorate probably has no idea just how radical the Republican agenda would be next year. By one credible estimate, the GOP now has about a two-in-three chance of claiming a House majority, and it’s very likely that much of the country will ask themselves, in early 2011, “Wait, we voted for what?”


…. At yesterday’s White House press conference, Bloomberg reporter Hans Nichols asked President Obama about the likelihood of appointing Elizabeth Warren to the new consumer financial protection bureau. The president certainly seemed to be leaning in that direction. Nichols followed up, asking if Obama’s concerned about the Senate confirmation process.

“I’m concerned about all Senate confirmations these days,” the president responded. When the reporter chuckled, Obama added, “Hans, I wasn’t trying to be funny. I am concerned about all Senate nominations these days.”

What the heck – show these two stories to your left-leaning friends, your fellow Democrats, too.  Be sure they all understand why it is to important we get out and vote this year.  If you can volunteer for a local campaign, or make donations to one (or several),  that’s even better.  But please, send these articles around so that everyone you know understands what we’re up against.


Comments on: "Two Articles Your Right-Leaning Friends Should Read" (9)

  1. another trope said:

    Couldn’t agree more.

    I really believe that those on the left who sit this one out are doing the progressive movement a great disservice in the long run, along with the hurt it will cause in the short run. No matter how moderate, centertist, or right-leaning the Dems or Obama may appear, it is nothing compared to what those on the other side will unleash. And chances are it will only convince the Dems that they can’t count on the left and it is time to pander to the right even more.

  2. Voting is important, very important. So is holding the voted-for accountable for DOING what they were voted in to do. I think President Obama understands this well. I am not sure Democrats in Congress understand it well at all.

    The Republicans ruled Congress from 2001-06 with a considerably SMALLER majority than the Dems have had for the last 21 months. Whether those Lincoln-in-grave-rotators even did what they were elected to do, is a questionable question, but they certainly did things. They did NOT spend their years with George and Dick acting like timid ostriches, heads in the sand, quivering with fear, saying “vote for us or those terrible liberal-socialist-heathens with IQs above 50 will crucify our do-nothing cowardly hides.”

  3. Benen’s article is truly terrifying, lis. because it could just so easily be the exactly what happens. he’s great. thanks for the link.

    and your second link. it’s all just too sad for words.

    only thing for it, as you said earlier today at TPM is VOTE!!!!

  4. I’m beginning to think, Lis, that we have 2 societies now. Living in the same country. One is sane. And the other is crazy! And both of them think they are the sane one. That is very worrisome! Naturally, the world itself does tend to agree that the right wing is the crazy “party” – but that doesn’t seem to be changing many minds. Even in my own family I have a sibling who attended a Tea Party Rally the first April 15 they held them. Maybe many, more more. I suspect so – since I was proudly told that this sibling has a license to carry a concealed weapon. That comment made me feel the same way I felt long, long ago when the lady in the laundromat in 1970 asked me “Do you hunt?” I was stunned by the question! It seemed to me the person might have asked just as well: “Are you a Martian?” I would have been just as stunned, I think!

    I fear these folks are so far gone they absolutely cannot see that what they are calling gangrene is a figment of their own mind… that they’ve gone round the bend! These people cannot be reasoned with. Not when they’re pushing 60! And they’re people who often were never political till now. Never political before. Haven’t considered how everything fits together – seem to be folks who imagine they can lop off some limbs and maybe chop up some roots, even the tap root… and the tree will be better for it!!!

    I am perplexed in the extreme! I am stopped in my tracks. You can be sure I’ll vote! Voting for SANITY! Prayers for sanity too…

  5. Of course I’ll vote. But you gotta admit, Lis, the US does not have a very clued in populace. Did you read Jillian’s article today in the Muckrakers about the anti-Mosque rally in NY?

    One man who opposes Park 51, Lance Corey of Westchester, New York, carried a sign that said “Muhammad was the first radical Muslim. Osama bin Laden is following directions.” He described himself as a “militant progressive liberal’ who voted for Obama, and who “cannot tolerate intolerance.” But, he said, “I don’t think this is discrimination against Muslims. It’s discrimination against Islam.” [my emphasis]


    • Sad indeed, Seashell. I truly wish that — somehow, some way — those too lazy to read and learn and understand about things they hear about would just not vote.

      But that’s not the American way, is it?

    • another trope said:

      Oy. Even worse than get the govt out of my medicare.

      P.S. Good to see you here seashell. If you want to blog here, just let me know blau.polar@gmail.com

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