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I am a Christian woman. I used to be pretty proud of that. Not so much these days. Now don’t get me wrong, I’m not ashamed of my Lord, but I am ashamed of what is done in his name.

Take burning Korans, for instance. I’m pretty sure there is no place in the Bible where it says this is a good idea. But it does say that adulterers and fornicators should be stoned to death…Now here’s an idea. Let’s take all the fornicators and adulterers in congress and stone them to death. We can’t seem to get rid of them through the ballot box, so why not use their weapon of choice, the Bible?

But seriously, I did my share of fornicating back in the day, and I’ve gotta tell you, I’m pretty glad we’re not using that part of the Bible anymore.

Now, how about the Koran? Is it possible that just like the Bible calls for things we don’t do anymore, that the Koran does, as well? So if there are parts of the Koran that are a little gruesome, can we agree that parts of the Bible are, too? And just as we gloss over those things in the Bible, can’t we gloss over the ones in the Koran, too?

Many Christians in America are letting fear of Islam interfere with their rational thought processes (I know, Christians and rational thought in the same sentence is a reach for some, but go with me on this.) And you whack-a-does who are advocating burning Korans are motivated by fear, I get that. But good Lord…are you not even considering the danger you are putting your own missionaries in with stuff like this? If this radical wing of Islam  is nearly as crazy as you think it is, do you honestly think that burning their Holy Books will change that? Make them more rational? Or are they more apt to respond by beheading Christian missionaries?

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Comments on: "Religion, Fornicating and Beheading" (13)

  1. Ha, in my comment to Another Trope below this post, I brought up almost the same thing — the danger that Pastor Jones was putting our troops in. I didn’t even consider Christian missionaries. Thank you for pointing that out, Stilli.

  2. another trope said:

    I don’t know what lurks in the heart and mind of Pastor Jones, but I tend to believe that he is probably one of those who craves some kind of ultimate bloody confrontation to settle the question which side is king of the hill. Which of course he believes his side will win since they have the Real God on their side. While he would decry the beheadings, he would secretly rejoice, hoping it would push the world closer to his vision of the righteous riding into one final victorious battle.

  3. Fear… striking the neurons!

    Excellent post, stilli. The idea of fomenting even more anger on the part of Muslims is just beyond belief… that’s where we are now – beyond belief!

    By the way, if anyone knows where ww is hanging out, could you please tell her I managed to now save comments to just about ALL the blogs I salvaged from TPM. She’ll be thrilled to find out that many have comments by Lux. (She and me and … many will be thrilled!)

  4. burn BOTH the bible and the koran. Now that would be fair.

    You know, and no religion too.

    Though maybe we can keep the new testament. But let’s get it straight that christ was human.


  5. But seriously, I did my share of fornicating back in the day, and I’ve gotta tell you, I’m pretty glad we’re not using that part of the Bible anymore.

    Cheezeburgers fer all! Where O where is dd to award the Dayly line of the day? And Missy with the blue chair for discussing the Dayly line of the day?

    I luvs you Stilli.

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