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Or if ignorance is bliss, tis folly to be wise. Or is it ?. At any rate
this is the question – restated for the millionth time by Josh
Marshal at TPM
. The answer is easy. 

Lack of knowledge and understanding of people other than our selves. A
choice to remain ignorant and unconscious of their culture, beliefs and
society. We assume that everyone else in the world believes and views
life and wants exactly what we want. It is an arrogance of thinking
that the whole world wants to be just like us. How could they not ? We

So we disregard their beliefs and society and worse yet, denigrate
their religion and society and force our own on them whether they want
it or not. At the same time conveniently forgetting our own past and
it’s more horrifying practices. After all we no longer stone people to
death or burn them alive or behead them. We stopped that kind of
behavior long ago. Of course we also cannot understand why our holier
than thou attitude falls on deaf ears when our
soldiers kill civilians for sport
or when our drone aircraft hit’s
the wrong target or we give un-restrained support for some regime that
engages in torture or appears to be engaging in systematic ethic
cleansing.   Or maybe our own racism and corruption where we let
business off the hook for trashing the economy and putting people in
danger or destroying the environment for profit.

If we really want to have some peace and security, maybe we need to
clean up our own house first. And try to understand and respect others
whether we agree with them or not. Trade in our arrogance for some

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Comments on: "9/11 How did we not see it coming…….." (4)

  1. Excellent points – excellent post.

  2. Cosigning Lis…

  3. I read Josh’s post, and, yes, yes, yes.

    But the whole thing is deeper than that. The debasement of the political culture, particularly when President Clinton’s election so enraged the right wing that they were able to take over Congress and then hound the President to the point of impeaching him (yes, the President helped them out quite a bit) all but guaranteed that we would be open to the type of attack we endured on 9/11 and, frankly, in 1993 as well.

    The people who hate us have seen our weaknesses and it is not the ones the right always point to. Our weakness is that we are easily diverted from the important to the trivial. We act as if someone building a community center is a matter of life and death, but saving our economy something worth discussing only to make political points. We act as if research on what stem cells could do for medicine presents actual issues of morality, but finding a way to provide medical care to those who cannot afford it to be wasteful.

    And, as to 9/11 itself, we are a nation that tolerates a president who could not rouse himself to do something about information suggesting an imminent attack, but could find time to do a photo-op reading books to schoolchildren (which, by the way, we have underpaid teachers who can do a better job of doing).

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