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Muddslinging vs. Truthtelling

Upon perusing the primary campaigns of the local politicians here in Wisconsin one thing really stood out to me. While I know this exists in any locale’s politics, I just became frustrated while asking one important question:
Do you really have nothing to offer your potential constituents so you are reduced to trumping up the negative about your opponent?

To me it is a no-brainer when someone cannot give me any positions on how they are going to improve my community, it means they have no ideas and will probably use their position to get money for their friends. I know Americans eat up negative ads since we have an insatiable appetite for gossip, but let us think critically here; if there is the need to attack an opponent then it speaks more of the lack of integrity of the one being negative than the person they are attacking.

It reminds me of a classmate I have who does not hesitate to call someone out behind their back, constantly focuses on the negative, and has nothing positive to say ever. She is in school to be a nurse and not only is she lazy, she thinks she is better than the rest of us. She won’t make a good nurse purely due to the fact she is a negative person. When someone who wants to represent me in my government and acts like her, stoops to her high school like caddy level, they will definitely not get my vote.

Tell me how you will work to improve infrastructure, how you will improve education and social programs. If you resort to mud-slinging you have nothing to offer and your lack of viable options prove it. Bullies and gross behavior that does not belong in the political structure just make me sick. It is time we take our country back, from the crooks, liars, and thieves.

Convince me you will work for me instead of trying to convince me someone else is a horrible person. You just make yourself look pathetic!

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  1. I hear you, Packerfan. It’s why I’m so glad to be voting for my Rep here in NY, Nita Lowey, who never needs to take the low road. She does things for my district before we even ask her to, and her record is stellar. I wish more people had someone like her that they could count on and vote for.

  2. another trope said:

    my rep is Pence who has to do nothing and wins by a landslide. I will still take pleasure in voting against him. And i will vote for the blue dog ellsworth over coats even if the polls show coats with a comfortable lead.

    so far ellsworth has not thrown any mud but has talked about where he stood. (he is anti-choice and this make voting for him hard). At the very least he is straight up. He says what he is. And I believe him when he says he isn’t going to believe a corporate lackey.

    This reminds me of the only campaign i donated to that i couldn;t vote on – Scott Kleeb for Nebraska senate seat in 2008 against the repub Mike Johanns. Kleeb struck me as just that kind of politician: this who I am, vote for me if you will. Well, that and he was kind of cute.

  3. I wish it were that simple. You need to know the good points and the bad points of each candidate and no candidate is going to tell you their bad points. In a world with functioning free press, a candidate might be able to rely on them to disclose the problems on the other side — indeed, Josh does this — perhaps to excess about oddities — but as it is opposition research is bout the only info we have.

  4. Far too often this is a case of Pot meet Kettle. There are exceptions of course. I just wish there were more viable third part or independent candidates since the two ruling parties seem to put up mirror images more than anything else.

  5. Well done. I applaud your sentiments. However:

    Those of us willing to tell the truth and vote our consciences would likely never be elected. Those who provide “theater” – of whatever type – sadly, seem to be the ones who get the publicity and often the votes.

    A very long time ago I did paper on Shakespeare’s Julius Caesar. I chose to focus on the “crowd” of Romans – as a “character”. The mob, you might call them. Mobs seemed to rule then. They also seem to rule now. It happened in the French Revolution as well. Not exactly the same of course in any of these cases.

    But we are living in very difficult times. I wish I could assure you I’d be passing on a better state of things, packerfanchick. I really wish that. I feel very concerned for your generation. At times I also feel concerned for mine. Then again I look at babies. And I know there HAS TO BE HOPE!

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