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Which Side Are You On

On this day to celebrate labor, a question we need to ask ourselves.

From the blog Labor in America: Those were the Days on Ramona’s Voice: An excerpt from a 1958 Labor Day speech from Walter Reuether, which is true today as it is was then:

As a nation, we need to work out a list of national priorities.  We need to sharpen our vision and we need to rededicate ourselves to the basic human and democratic values that we believe in, and we need to put first things first.  We need to overcome the serious deficit in education, which is denying millions of our children their rightful opportunity to maximum growth.  The American labor movement can be proud that it was among those who pioneered for free public education.  American labor shares the belief that every child made in the image of God is entitled to an educational opportunity that will facilitate the maximum intellectual, cultural and spiritual growth.  We need to wipe out our slums and build decent, wholesome neighborhoods.  We need to provide more adequate medical care available to all groups.  We need to improve social security so that our aged citizens can live out their lives with a fuller measure of security and dignity.  We need to provide all of our citizens, without regard to race, creed, or color, equal opportunity in every phase of our national life.  We need to develop more fully our natural resources so that continued neglect will not put in jeopardy the welfare of future generations.


Comments on: "Which Side Are You On" (4)

  1. I’m on the side of labor. I’m on the side of what’s right. And it’s a crying shame that every word in Reuther’s speech still holds true today. We still need so much.

    • another trope said:

      and right now the other side is working to create divisions, keeping people focused on things like “victory mosques.”

  2. OK, I guess the comments go here. Again, great video for Labor Day and great voice by Natalie Merchant.

  3. another trope said:

    Thanks. And thanks for stopping by.

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